Client Information Management System

Welcome to the NSW client information management system (CIMS).

The Client Information Management System (CIMS) is used by funded providers of Specialist Homelessness Services (SHS) in New South Wales. SHS providers use CIMS in order to manage client records, make referrals and access service information.


Access to CIMS is provided solely to authorised users.

By logging on to this application you accept the CIMS Conditions of Use and you affirm that you understand that penalties may apply for misuse of CIMS and the information it contains.

All access to the CIMS system is logged and monitored.


SHS staff can access CIMS e-learning modules available on the Homelessness NSW website.

Click the links below to access CIMS Training:

Need help using CIMS?

  1. For assistance with login, password and workgroup access issues, ask the CIMS Administrator or Coordinator in your service.
  2. For technical and user support and resolving critical errors, first check:
    Online Help
    Feedback page - to post a question
    Call the Infoxchange CIMS support hotline on 1800 627 191 (press option 1) or email [email protected].
  3. For help with Validata™ reporting, go to SHSC Training Resources or call the AIHW Hotline on 1800 627 191 (press option 2).
  4. For any other service/CIMS issues contact the CIMS mailbox: [email protected]
  5. For specific program related information, refer to the user manuals located in CIMS - ADMIN Menu/Documents tab.


Workgroup Contact Details in CIMS

CIMS contains current contact details for every workgroup and organisation and it's important that these details are up to date. Users with Coordinator access to a workgroup can review and update contact information from the Admin/Workgroups page in CIMS.

  • The Workgroups tab on this page shows contact information for each workgroup. The person listed under the "Organisation Contact Details" heading will be contacted by DCJ and/or the AIHW if there are any problems with user access or with data submissions. For SHS workgroups, this person will also be given User Admin access to the AIHW Validata portal.
  • The Organisations tab shows contact information for the organisation that operates each workgroup. The person listed under the "Organisation Contact Details" heading on this tab will be contacted by DCJ and/or the AIHW if there are significant problems with user access, such as when there are no active Coordinators with access to a workgroup.

Please review and update the contact information for your workgroups and organisations on a regular basis to ensure that the information is accurate.